Sydney-based artist Dina Broadhurst

creates undeniably unique works that adorn the walls of collectors

across Australia. With a love of Luxury branding, the female form,

flowers and objects complemented by collage techniques, all of these

beautiful signatures contribute to carefully staged compositions that

often harbour deeper meaning than their beautiful initial aesthetic.

Broadhurst's unique artworks are also left to the individual to interpret

their own personal meaning of each piece. With her striking photography

techniques, Broadhurst has managed to create some of Sydney's most

wanted pieces that carry an allure and sense of pop culture cool that we

would to obtain and frame in our surroundings. Here we interview the

artist on her, inspirations, passions, lessons and drive to delve deeper

into the mind of an artist and her wonderful world. Article & Graphics by Linda Grech.

Take us back to when you first started your career as an artist - what was the main driving force that influenced your path?
It was my passion for art, especially contemporary art as well as a way to express myself and my emotions.

How have you developed your technique throughout your career?
I’m continually developing, learning and making, finding new methods, breaking rules/traditional or formal techniques to discovering new ways of seeing and creating.

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