Balyck was first launched in 2010 by designer Jessica Balyck.

Studying at The Fashion Studio in Sydney, Jessica built her skills and experience in fashion and the arts. She furthered her knowledge by exploring the craftsmanship of jewellery - drawing inspiration from many different places and cultures. She began teaching herself the skills and craft of jewellery making, in the process she formed her own distinct style.

Through her love of worldly travels, Jessica was able to make the connection between the value of an item, and the power it holds to evoke memories. And in a time where society is looking to escape from mass produced fashion, Balyck allows one's self to not only be unique, but to be freed from the clutches of main-stream fashion.

Working from her intimate home atelier Jessica strived to create handmade exclusive pieces for her clients that passed through her hands believing strongly that the key to success is achieved through three things, passion, patience and most importantly persistence.

Through holding these strong values and expanding the label concentrating on the Australian market Balyck has adorned the likes of Dannii Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Pia Miller, Adam Lambert along with many other Australian and International personalities, bloggers and magazines.

The Balyck designs can be identified by the signature Balyck hand placed on each item which is representative as a good luck charm to the designer in which she wanted each and every one of her clients to have. A thoughtful and personal touch reflective of a label that strives to symbolize individuality.

Balyck is a unique brand which prides itself on building relationships with companies and individuals who represent the same exclusivity that the Balyck brand embodies.

Balyck. Once adorned, forever transformed.