Bridesmaid Gifts

The do’s and don'ts when it comes to gifting jewellery.

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Weddings are a special day for every bride. It’s a memorable moment for everyone involved. So, why not make it extra special for your bride tribe and give them something they will cherish forever?

Below is a list of the do’s and don’ts for your bridesmaid jewellery gifts.

The Don'ts

Don’t give something that is just reflective of your own style. Remember you want your bridesmaids to feel happy and confident in what they're wearing for the duration of the day.

Don’t give them something cheap. It’s most likely that they will keep the jewellery after your wedding as it represents more than a gift it becomes a memory. So place some value accordingly to your gifts.

Don’t become a victim of trends. Opt for timeless designs as a wedding is an event that will be consistently looked back on a compared to current fashion. Classic designs however will always be relevant.


The Do’s

Do make sure to personalize the gifts according to your bridesmaids it will make them feel extra special and thought of which is always a beautiful feeling for your best friends.

Do set a theme for your gifts and packaging to match so it’s visually pleasant and can be photographed on the day.

Do select a design that they will be able to re wear after the wedding day your bridesmaid will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.


Balyck Jewellery Recommendations

Give your bridesmaids Balyck customised letter necklaces or star sign bracelets so that the gifts are matching however personal to each person.

Love, Jessica