My Secrets to Starting a Business

One. Create an avatar of your business

Branding foundation will dictate the direction in which your business will be perceived by your clientele. Having a strong marketing and branding concept will aid you to give a clear message and not confuse your consumer market. Below is an example of how to make an avatar for your business and break down your demographic to get the stats needed to then focus on your marketing campaign.


Tips to creating your Avatar

  1. List out your avatars demographic traits: Examples of demographic traits are age, sex, education level, income level, marital status, occupation, religion, and average family size. This area of defining your customer avatar is typically easy to define.
  2. Psychographic traits: Psychographic traits are a little more complicated and require a deeper understanding of your Avatar. Psychographic traits are based on values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle. Examples of Psychographic traits are: wants a healthy lifestyle, values time with family, doesn't have much time, and uses Pinterest to do home DIY projects.
  3. Name your avatar: Naming your avatar humanizes the profile. If you are targeting both men and women you will want to create both a male and female name.
  4. Put a face to their name: Find a picture online in stock photos that best represents what your avatar looks like visually.
  5. Design a dossier: A dossier is a one-page collection of information about your avatar that includes the name, picture, information, and story about your avatar.
  6. Write a story about your customer avatar: Image you are your avatar and you are journaling about the discovery of your product/service. What were they thinking before they bought your product? How were they feeling? Why were they feeling that way? What were they looking for? What were they hoping to solve or accomplish? How did they find you/hear about you? How did they feel once they purchased your product/service?

(note creating later a negative avatar for your business will also help to emphasise what you don’t want as your customers and areas to avoid as to not waste time and focus.)

After completing your avatar you should know have a more solid vision on who, what and where you will need to concentrate on marketing and advertising your business.


Two. Reach out to people it costs nothing.

The best expression I ever heard was “always be the dumbest person in the room” meaning surround yourself by people you can learn from. Being the best means there's no room for improvement and I think that it is important to always grow and evolve. On the other hand when we are still we are motionless so my advice is to get active and reach out to people that can advise, mentor or collaborate with you to help work towards your goals. In the end a text message or an email doesn’t cost a thing.


Three. You are your best investment.

While it may seem daunting all of the money going out and being injected back into your business you will always be your best investment. The development of yourself regarding your gifts and talents to ultimately serve others in the best possible way is just as important as the development of your business. Whether it's investing in a new course to strengthen areas you need to grow in, personally working on yourself, or hiring a business coach to gain insight and experience all of these things send an important message to the world.

After all when we invest in you it sends a very powerful message to yourself and the world:

The value and potential that I possess, is important enough to me that I’m going to give it the energy, space and time to grow and create results.  

When you’re willing to say yes, and take that leap of faith and invest in yourself, the universe will provide you with amazing rewards.


Below are five important tips on how to invest in yourself without breaking the bank:

  1. Attend seminars and workshops. Enroll in courses to help further your knowledge and build confidence in your field. This will also give you the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals who are like-minded. Whilst trusting your intuition and the direction you want to go with also reach out to others who have already been where you are and sit with them to gain insight into the pro’s and con’s and also where they have failed and succeeded. As sometimes the best experience we can gain is human experience from others who have already been there and done that.

  2. Work on your confidence. When you believe in yourself then others will to. Your confidence and love for yourself and what you do is a big indicator to the value of what you are offering also. In the end if we don’t believe in ourselves, our product and creativity then why should others?

    It is very important to work on having a positive perspective and mind frame because it will otherwise affect you negatively in almost everything you do. Be efficient in problem solving and making decisions for yourself.

    When you get stuck rather then letting it fester in your head write these down and ask yourself these two questions: What are my options? Now what is the best option?

    Writing it down on paper will then alleviate all of your stress and over thinking and will make a problematic situation into a visible solution.

  3. Take care of your health. Starting each day on a healthy note and fuelling your body with the foods it needs to increase your energy levels is one of the most important things you can do.

    When we have a clear mind we are able to effectively reach our targets and goals with ease rather than eating processed and sugary foods for momentary gratification, which will then ultimately lead us to crash and burn faster and be unable to focus with the clarity of mind that’s needed to create and learn.

    Finally exercise. Do activities or sports that you enjoy that will also allow you to step away from your work. It is a fact that exercise helps with energy levels, brain function and memory and helps to release ndorphins that trigger a positive effect in your body.

    Exercising also allows you that time for yourself to step away and return with a more fresh and positive perspective.

  4. Set goals. Learn how to set personal and business goals for yourself. If you’re not taking the time to set goals you will struggle with direction. You will not know where you’re going and you will waste precious time. Be sure to also set some time frames in which to meet them. Your goals should be SMART goals -Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

  5. Never stop learning. Read educational books. Books or audio books are an awesome resource to build your knowledge and expertise in any area. Remember we can only learn to grow us much as we allow ourselves to develop. There is always room for improvement.


Four. Constructive criticism is your best friend.

Take it onboard and separate yourself from your project and analysis the advice you’ve begin and contemplate how you can make it better. Persistence in the end is one of the biggest keys to success. Because if you persist you will never be failing and eventually you will discover the perfect solution to your problems.


Five. Outsource your weaknesses.

Remember that the majority of businesses do not succeed because they fail to recognize where they can outsource and accept help. Assess your strengths and get help for what you don’t like to do. Because your foundation is only as good as your team.


Six. Utilize your free platforms.

As we live in a social tech driven society we are presented with a multitude of free platforms that were once not available to reach people globally. A lot of these platforms are free and only take the right understanding and knowledge on how to utilize them.

Once you have a solid business front and know your brands DNA you will be able to use all of these wonderful platforms to present your business to your targeted market.

Remember to always research and keep up with marketing trends and developments and what platforms would be most beneficial to your business based of you avatar you will create. Important platforms for your business are:

INSTAGRAM for personal blogs and online boutiques/businesses
FACEBOOK Great for business pages, boutiques and also blogs (you can now put in your targeted demographic on Facebook with paid adverts) an ideal platform for brand awareness and sales.
WEBSITE Important as a brand front and point of contact for sales and product.
TWITTER to verbally connect with your customers
TUMBLR Great for a visual representation for the business. Ideal for blogs.

Ultimately the more platforms you can take the time to learn and utilize the more your brand will be exposed.

Love, Jessica