The Benefits of Interchangeable Jewellery

In a society where social media is at the core of everything I’ve found that fashion clothing and accessories have lost value. Gone are the days where we would have that “favourite” dress or jewels where we would strategically plan to wear to different events that people wouldn't be at and those items would be loved and worn time and time again. Therefore being good investments, as they were valued for more than an Instagram photo.

Now however other than classic fashion, those “it” pieces that we purchase are gone in a flash! Literally, because after they are uploaded onto socials we are over them before they're even broken in.

I think this consumer mentality is leaving us emptier than ever before because we fail to love items with that same passion that used to bring us extended happiness rather than now just taking a momentary selfie. Appreciation has been lost because everything is replaceable. So how do you put the value back into designs?

Introducing the solution... Interchangeable Jewellery. Versatile designs that place value back in your purchases. An investment of jewellery that is of good quality and has multiple uses allows you to overcome those Instagram photos to place that love back into your jewellery. This is one thing that Balyck jewellery loves to provide through its designs.

Did you know that the Absolem collection has a different convertible designs that you can dismantle to wear different ways. The Mirvana earrings can be worn four different ways. Below are the examples of the different styling variations and how this kind of jewellery should be your future investment to help you beat social media.

Interchangeable Jewllery 2.png

The Mirvana Earrings

Here is a guide to the four different ways to wear the Mirvana earrings.

Interchangeable Jewllery 3.png


The first way if you’re after a statement earring is to wear the design as is.

Interchangeable Jewllery 4.png


Is to dismantle the eyelets threaded onto the stud to separate the top and the bottom pieces. You should be now left with just studs and two pendants. Wear this look as studs and thread one of the pendants onto a bracelet base.


Step three is to use the remaining earring pendant and thread it onto a necklace base.


Now from one pair of earrings you have three different jewellery pieces.

Love, Jessica

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