Once Adorned Forever Transformed


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The Wild Rose Collection –

She was wild with infectious laughter.

A star in her own right that was beautiful like a rose though humbled by her thornes.

Imperfectly perfect.

Her presence liberated others and made them shine.

Un amore a free spirit.

This collection is a dedication to my grandmother Rosa one of the most special people I have
ever had the honour to walk this earth with. I was openly her favourite grandchild, maybe to
have shared the same birthday or maybe just because we had the same free spirit and
unexplainable bond . Regardless I am so grateful to have shared in her laughter and love and I
hope that through this collection i can capture the essence of her to share that gift with you and
the deep connection we had.

This collection is for all the women and that special place they hold in their hearts. These pieces
represent my memories and now hopefully yours.


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The Absolem Collection –

Inspired by Alice and Wonderland. 

Through life every individual encounters the mystery of transformation. Absolem Collection by Balyck, brings to life this inevitable natural process. It's inspiration born out of the Balyck motto 'Once adorned, forever transformed'.

Referencing a character from Disney's cult classic Alice In Wonderland -­‐ Absolem is a caterpillar, an animal known for its ability to reveal it's beauty through ultimate transformation.

The concept of the collection plays on this very notion. Each piece can be worn individually or can be interchangeable inviting wearers to embrace change by creating their own custom transformations.

The  Swarovski® crystal Patina design has been selected as the hero stone of the collection. The stone not only portrays modern qualities but is a conceptual reflection of change, timelessness and grace.


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The Trinity Collection –

Inspired by Love.

The Trinity pays tribute to Jessica Balyck's defining moment of everlasting love. The collection takes its name from the three colors. Rose, Gold and Platinum, tributing to the mystery and harmony of love. The visionary mind of Jessica Balyck created this delicate collection reminding us about the simplicity of love, fidelity and friendship.


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