Caring from yours truly.

As we fall in love with our jewellery "investments" we want to guarantee its longevity. Unlike fine jewellery, costume jewellery can be damanged if not loved properly. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your Balyck Jewellery will stay as captivatingly beautiful as the day you fell in love with it.

  • Place your Balyck Jewellery pieces in a soft sealable pouch (preferably velvet or silk) with a tie knot top to ensure dust won't easily get to it. This will help avoid abrasion with other jewellery pieces. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to store your pieces in a cool dry place.

  • Be mindful to remove your Balyck Jewellery pieces prior to hand washing, showering or swimming. This is a vital preventive measure to ensure longer-lasting wear of your beloved jewellery items.

  • Do not wear lotion around your neck or wrists when wearing costume jewelry for the same reasons listed above as it could ruin the finish on the necklaces/bracelets.

  • Your jewellery should always be put on last and taken off first while dressing to avoid chemicals such as, perfumes, deodorants, hair spray, household cleaning fluids, make-up and other cosmetics.

  • If you wish to clean your jewelery cleaning agents that are used for fine jewelry can also be used to clean fashion jewelry. However, it is very important to check the ingredients of the cleaning solution before using it on a piece of jewelry. Products that have acid, alcohol, ammonia and vinegar are to be avoided as these can rust and damage your jewelry. In short, do not use abrasive jewelry cleaners.

  • If you do clean your jewelery as mentioned above, please ensure to dry thoroughly because the moisture will cause deterioration to your jewels. Be sure to gently clean your jewelry with a soft cloth.